Trivalent Chrome Electroplating

Trivalent Chrome: A “greener” Chrome plating choice

Trivalent Chrome Electroplating provides functional advantages and appearance characteristics similar to traditional Hexavalent Chrome plating. But unlike Hexavalent Chrome plating, the process does not generate harmful byproducts and hazardous waste. This “green” alternative to Hexavalent Chrome plating on wire is a cornerstone capability at Summit.

Superior strength and appearance

Trivalent Chrome is often sought for the elegant, reflective finish it delivers. But for industrial applications, it is the outstanding durability, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance that make this finish so useful.

Summit administers true Trivalent Chrome expertise

Trivalent Chrome plating systems can be challenging to operate. Plating with this metal is a carefully controlled deposit process that requires skilled administration and precise engineering. Summit’s technical abilities in this field result in exacting deposit uniformity, plating thickness control, and superior aesthetics.

As a result, Summit has become a go-to resource for Trivalent Chrome Plating on and base wire material of varying diameters used in the industrial and consumer sectors.

Summit Trivalent Chrome Electroplating capabilities at a glance

Trivalent Chrome
Continuous Pre-Stamped Parts
Continuous Stock
Loose Parts

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