Metal Plating of Battery and Telecom Parts

Metal plating for the battery and telecommunications industries requires engineering ingenuity, high-level metal chemistry knowledge, and seasoned experience plating very small parts. Summit Plating delivers on all three. Our R&D team, together with our plating professionals, will work with your team as needed to engineer and refine plating outcomes that are predictable, repeatable, and economical. Using continuous-stamp and individual-part plating procedures, we administer precision control that yields high-volume output to meet supply chain demand.

Our respected ability to carefully control plating footprint, thickness, tolerances, and surface finish on even the tiniest part make Summit Plating a go-to source for component manufacturers that demand high quality for their battery and telecom clients. Our abilities in electroplating with precious metals like gold and silver, and non-precious metals like Nickel, Copper and Tin, come to together to create surfaces that resist abrasion, chemicals, corrosion, and temperature. These surfaces also offer important shielding to help prevent Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency interference.

Typical components we can and have plated for use in the Battery & Telecom industries include:

  • Battery contacts
  • Small component fasteners and brackets
  • Test and contact probes
  • Spacecraft and aircraft hardware
  • Electrical wire used in aerospace systems

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