ISO 9001:2015 Gold: ASTM B 488 Silver: ASTM B 298 NADCAP AC7004 Palladium: ASTM B867 Gold: AMS 2422 Gold: AMS 2422 NADCAP AC7108 Gold: MIL-DTL-45204 Silver ASTM B 700 AMS 2410 Gold: MIL-G-45204 Silver: MS-QQ-S-365 AMS 2412 Gold: ASTM B 488 Silver: MS-QQ-S-365 S414 LCS Certification Gold: MS 2422 Silver: MS-QQ-S-365

Summit Plating—
Meeting Industrial Plating Specifications.
Exceeding Customer Expectations!

Round Wire Plating

Continuous Plating

Loose Part Plating

A Better Industrial Electroplating Subcontract Partner!

Summit Plating delivers industrial electroplating excellence. We are a trusted subcontract partner that enhances with precision the surface performance of simple to complex loose parts and components, continuous form parts, and round wire. Our proficiency in overall and selective plating delivers three important business advantages:

  • Accuracy: consistently meeting all project and industry specifications
  • Innovation: conquering even the most difficult plating challenges
  • Service: always-professional, success-focused customer support

Dedicated to Your Industrial Plating Program Success

Summit’s skilled electroplaters control with exacting precision the location, thickness, and chemistry of surface plating materials to meet both industry and part-plan specifications. In fact, We are globally recognized for our electroplating with Gold, Silver, Palladium Nickel, Trivalent Chrome, Copper and other metals to greatly improve industrial part function and lifespan.

When surface appearance, surface performance, and customer-first service are critical for program success, Summit Plating is a better “go-to” subcontract Industrial Electroplater.


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