Gold Electroplating: Industrial

Gold Electroplating on Industrial parts elevates both appearance and performance.

Gold Electroplating at Summit focuses on greatly enhancing  the performance of industrial parts, wire, and components. While Gold Plating can be a more costly coating option, the degree in which it improves overall characteristics makes it the preferred plating option for plating programs where function specifications cannot be compromised.

Industrial Gold Electroplating to enhance electrical conductivity.

Gold Electroplating is the premier plating finish Summit uses on industrial parts requiring high-level electric conductivity and strengthened physical properties.

Gold Plating improves % IACS Value.

Plating with Gold improves a components “% IACS Value (% IACS International Annealed Copper Standard Value). This “Value” measures conductivity — how efficiently electrons transfer between atoms within a material compared to solid copper, which is considered to have a conductivity efficiency of 100%. Electroplated Gold delivers a high 70% to 76% IACS Value, even when applied as a very thin and cost-efficient coating.

Strengthened Physical characteristics

Summit’s Industrial part Gold plating improves wear and corrosion resistance, maintains performance consistency in extreme cold, and elevates solder-ability — especially when combined with a Nickel barrier layer.

Overall and Selective Gold Plating.

Along with “overall” surface Plating with gold, Summit also excels in carefully controlled Selective Gold Plating that conforms to specifications for plating areas, shapes, and thickness. This plated-area control delivers two important benefits:

  • First, Selective Gold Plating allows for highly controlled “current channeling” to expand the function of even the smallest electronic connectors, circuit boards, switches, and more.
  • Second, Electroplating Selectively provides cost efficiencies to allow gold to work within even tight budget parameters.

Plating with Gold to extend part life.

Gold plating makes industrial parts highly resistant to oxidation and tarnishing. It also helps reduce insertion forces and improves abrasion and wear resistance. This makes Gold surfaces an excellent choice for long duration applications where friction and exposure are intentional or unavoidable.

Industries that benefit most from Gold Plating.

Because Gold Coating improves performance so greatly, is is the surface finish of choice for industries where component reliability is mission-critical. Summit frequently Gold Electroplates Aerospace parts, Defense and Military equipment, Medical and Pharmaceutical instruments, Computer circuits, switches, and connectors, Oil and Gas equipment, and Battery and Telecom parts.

Summit has also developed proprietary solutions for Gold Electroplating on Spooled Round Wire, further expanding the unique plating value we offer.

For companies located nationally and abroad, Summit has become a trusted, economical resource for USA-quality Industrial Gold Plating.

Summit Industrial Gold Electroplating capabilities at a glance

Hard Gold
Soft Gold
Continuous Pre-Stamped Parts
Continuous Stock
Loose Parts
Spec Compliance
ASTM B 488
AMS 2422
ASTM B 488
AMS 2422

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