Copper Electroplating

Copper Electroplating: flexible and versatile

Copper Electroplating for Industrial applications is a  Summit mainstay. This soft, malleable surface finish greatly enhances electrical conductivity and other  important propertyu functions.

Copper’s malleable characteristics allow it to remain intact on flexible base metals, making it an excellent choice for electrical wire and other applications where flexing and movement is inevitable or desired.

Copper Plating Industrial benefits include:

Enhanced Electrical Conductivity

Copper Plating is greatly increases electrical conductivity, and in fact is maybe Coppers most widely sought advantage. Even if the core metal a part is make of lacks good conductive properties conductor, a copper plating can elevate ability to pass electrical current to excellent levels.

Improved Thermal Conductivity
Copper plating offers very little resistance to the transfer of heat and cold, making it a perfect solution on electronics and other machinery where temperature transfer in imperative to prevent overheating or allow planned heating or cooling as needed.

Extremely Solderable
Copper plating enhances solderability and adhesion, providing secure connections that are especially critical in the electronics industry.

Durable and Flexible
The malleability of Copper is a real advantage on parts that will receive additional plating or manufacturing. The core properties of copper allow it to perform planned mechanical movement and still stay in tact with the base part material.

Corrosion Resistant
The chemical stability of copper Copper renders it corrosion-resistant for most applications. Because of this, Copper is often used as a protective barrier layer over red or steel base metal on parts that would otherwise be corrosion-prone.

Coppers chemical properties also provide a natural immunity against interacting with potentially harmful organisms and bacteria. This reduces the need for extensive disinfecting of copper parts used in lab equipment and other clean-room applications.

Copper plating is among the cheapest super-conductive metals on the planet. The plating process is also not complicated, further further adding to the cost savings this coating offers

Copper Electroplating — the dependable, flexible, industry-diverse

The flexible performance-boosting characteristics of our Copper plating have made it a mainstay in virtually every industry. It can found enhancing Automotive parts, Telecommunication wires, connectors and switches, Aerospace parts, Electronic components, circulation tubing, Music wire, and Battery parts to name just a few sectors that benefit from Summit Copper Plating.

Summit Copper Electroplating capabilities at a glance

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