Electroplating Electronics Parts: Contacts, Connectors, Switches, & More.

Electroplating for Electronics applications with exacting precision.

Metal plating and finishing for electronic parts requires an extremely high level of plating control. Summit Plating stands synonymous with plating precision consistency on small parts used in electrical connectors, conductors, semiconductors, switches, and more. Our ability to deliver this reliable consistency begins with our understanding of substrate cleaning and surface preparation using environmentally friendly, highly effective procedures.

Summit Plating Electroplates parts for a variety of Electronics industries.

Summit Plating has perfected a range of continuous-stock and individual-part plating processes that deliver the functional quality, finish diversity, and cost economies necessary to stay competitive in the global electronics market. Industries that utilize our plated parts in electronics include Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Communications, Battery, Gas & Oil, and more.

Plating and finishing metals most commonly used for electronics part plating include:

Gold Plating: Providing superior solderability, strong bonding characteristics, and most notably very low contact resistance

Silver Plating: Providing excellent thermal conductivity and lubricity, along with high electrical conductivity

Nickel Plating: Providing excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and serving as an effective barrier layer

Tin: Providing exceptional solderability and good corrosion resistance

Tin/Lead Alloys: Providing tin-associated characteristics without problematic “tin whisker” protrusions.

Typical components we can and have plated for use in the Electronics industry include:

  • Electric transistors
  • Conductors and semi-conductors
  • Electronic power switches and rheostats
  • Circuit contacts components
  • Connectors and fasteners
  • Computer components

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