Electroplating Parts for Military, Defense, and Firearms

Summit’s ability to deliver the highest-level of precision finishes makes us a prime choice for clients creating metal parts used in the Military, Firearms, and Defense industries.

While there are Defense Specifications that must be met to work in this arena, we strive to exceed those requirements. The Plating and QA teams at Summit understand errors and imperfections simply cannot be tolerated in military part electroplating, because there is a lot more than just our “contract” depending on them.

Summit Certifications for plating Military Parts include:

  • FFL (Federal Firearms License)
  • Aerospace Materials Specifications (AMS)
  • ASTM Specifications (American Society for Testing and Materials))
  • United States Military Standard (MIL-STD )
  • Other Specifications (Proprietary OEM specs)

Plating military parts for performance, durability and appearance.

Adhering to both industry-mandated and engineer-outlined specifications, Summit’s plating capabilities provide uncompromising results to meet 3 important criteria:

Plating for Military performance.

The metals we use in Military Plating applications include Gold, Palladium, Nickel, Tin and more. Our electroplated and electroless plating finishes deliver superior electrical conductivity along with and corrosion resistance—improving the reliability and lifespan of parts used in military communication parts, switched, relays, navigation components, and weapons assemblies.

Electroplating to ensure Military durability.

Plating metal military parts to improve resistance to oxidation, corrosion, friction wear and extreme temperature fluctuation is another important characteristic we carefully control, test fit, and document to ensure all specifications for solder-ability, frictional coefficient, chemical resistance, and more are met or exceeded. Our military components are plated to last—because we know lives can depend on it.

Achieving Military apperarance standards through precision plating

In an industry where flawless precision is demanded, Summit plating finishes play a key role. We consistently produce the appearance characteristics required for weaponry and tools used in the armed forces, law enforcement, and more.

Typical components we can or have plated for use in Military and Defense include:

  • Weapons contacts
  • Fasteners
  • Military engine parts
  • Electronics and gauges
  • Communication and navigation systems
  • Trigger mechanism components
  • Sights and weapons guidance components

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