Electroplating Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance that  validates “Electroplating Perfected” at Summit.

Quality Assurance in Electroplating requires high end technology, advanced Metallurgy knowledge, seasoned plating expertise, and ever-diligent attention to detail.

At Summit, we are able to achieve exacting surface plating specifications through advanced and proprietary processes. However, we are able to maintin those specifications by administering advanced,  Quality Assurance protocol.

We have a dedicated QA Lab that monitors,  inspects, tests, audits, documents with real-time reporting step-by-step procedures that focused on assuring accuracy and efficiency.

QA resources dedicated to your plating program success

Summit’s on-site Quality Assurance Lab is managed by highly-trained and proven-effective technicians who utilize some of the most advanced and effective analysis equipment available.

Our strategy for Plating QA success is simple:

“Marry the most QA effective QA procedures and advanced equipment with the best and most skilled personnel.”


Visual properties analysis

  • Energy dispersing X-Ray Spectroscopy: fluorescence-aided X-Ray
  • Scanning electron microscope: high-magnification visual inspection
  • Optical measurement system

 Chemical properties analysis

  • Thermal and electrical conductivity testing
  • Atomic particle absorption
  • Solder-ability testing

 QA systems

  • In-line computer-controlled automation
  • Statistical process controls (SPC)
  • Six Sigma practices and procedures
  • Ongoing team training

In-line, computer-controlled plating automation for QA consistency from start to finish

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