Electroplating Medical and Pharmaceutical Parts

Electroplating of metal parts used in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries requires strict control of procedural and environmental factors to ensure specifications for high-level reliability, safety and sanitation are always met.

Our mastery of plating on common and challenging metals translates into Summit being a preferred partner for finding or customizing a medical metal finishing process to meet your specifications. This R&D advantage includes testing and analysis focused on delivering weight reduction, cost reduction, and part enhancement.

Certified to produce medical-grade plated components.

Summit’s ability to deliver and “continually work to improve” the quality metal finish for medical-device components is confirmed by our ISO-certification. As your plating partner, we never stop trying to raise the bar for quality, performance, and efficiency.

Summit Medical Part Electroplating delivers unsurpassed functional and safety benefits.

Electroplating is just one of the more popular finishing processes we use on medical industry parts. Related benefits of this property-changing plating procedure include:

Sanitation: Electroplating delivers antimicrobial properties that help the metal become impervious to infection causing bacteria.

Thermal Transfer: Enhance the ability for medical parts used in therapeutic equipment, and measuring devices to efficiently transfer temperature as needed.

Durability: Electroplating can significantly retard the effects of abrasive wear, improving the reliability and lifespan of medical devices where failure is not an option.

Resistance: Electroplating allows metal parts to resist the corrosive properties of the many chemicals and cleaning agents used in the medical industry.

Conductivity: Improving the transfer of electrical current is key for ensuring the proper operation of medical equipment—and for allowing low-voltage mechanisms to perform at optimum efficiency with maximum safety.

Typical components we can and have plated for use in the Medical Industry include:

  • Medical monitoring equipment
  • Medical device circuitry
  • Operating tools and devices
  • Prosthetic devices
  • Durable medical equipment

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