Electroplating Aerospace Parts with Certified Reliability

Electroplating metal parts and complex components  for Aerospace and Aviation is a mainstay service at Summit. We couple advanced plating procedures with repetative QA analysis to assure exacting standards are consistently achieved.

Summit Plating is Aerospace- and Aviation-Supplier certified.

Quality controlled and documented  precision electroplating has earned Summit Plating important Certifications that include:

  • NADCAP AC7004
  • NADCAP AC7108
  • LCS (Laboratory Control at Source)
  • SCA (Source Certified Agent)

These certifications denote our proven ability to acheive specifications as mandated by the flight industries. Obtaining these certifications is a reflection of our commitment to ongoing electroplating performance  through every stage of a tightly-regulated part-plating program.


Components Summit Plating can and has plated for use in Aerospace and Aviation include:

  • Aircraft communication electronics
  • Jet engine rotating parts
  • Aviation navigation and guidance components
  • Aircraft refueling apparatus
  • Spacecraft and aircraft hardware
  • Electrical wire used in Aerospace systems

Aerospace quality plating – coupled with soaring customer service.

Our abilitiy to plate parts according to strict protocol is matched only by our passion to realize “100% mission success” when Electroplating Aerospace Parts.

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