Electroplating Musical Instrument Strings Using Nickel, Silver, and more.

Electroplating Musical Instrument Strings or “Wire” requires the highest level of precision. By controlling the Drawing, Annealing, and Plating of wire with Nickel, Silver, and more, we are able to deliver the sound characteristic demanded by the world’s the most accomplished musicians.

Torpedo Wire Musical Instrument Strings is today a Summit Plating advantage!

The acquisition of Torpedo Wire furthered Summit Plating’s ability to produce superior musical wire. As a result, the world’s most respected string instrument manufacturers continue to trust Summit to deliver the pitch-prefect results that customers expect.

Electroplating Musical Instrument Wire begins with “Gauge” and “Tensile” control.

Summit’s abilities in Drawing and Annealing raw wire provide pre-plating advantages. Specifically, these process allow us to ensure consistent Gauge and Tensile characteristics.

Gauge references the thickness or weight of a music string. String gauge is measured in fractions of an inch. It is critical that the designated gauge of a music string be maintained across the entire string length in order to deliver exacting pitch. String gauges can range from as small as 0.009 of an inch” (used on guitar e-strings) all the way to .051″ (used for the lowest chord in pianos)

Tensile Characteristics reference musical string strength and, also physical behavioral properties. Tensile characteristics reference the tension the string will need to vibrate at a desired frequency. It is vibration frequency that produces the pitch of the musical note produced.

Usually, musical string tensions are defined by three categories: Low Tension, Normal Tension, and High Tension. The higher the tension rating, the more force that is needed to produce the desired sound.

Summit’s control off the Drawing and Annealed processes give us a pre-plating head-start for plating acoustically superior music strings.

Musical Instrument Wire Plating using Nickel on Steel (NPS) and Copper (NPC).

Electroplating steel and copper to deliver consistent musical tone begins with controlling the gauge and tensile characteristics of the wire prior to plating. We incorporate a multi-phase plating process that utilizes computer-aided measure to ensure surface coatings consistency  meet  specifications.  This means our high-end piano strings, guitar strings, and more deliver stable sound output, intended dynamic range, and the musician-preferred feel of a smooth, durable nickel surface.

Electroplating Silver on Copper to create “Silver Strings.”

Silver plating on copper wire produces a very warm-tone that many acoustic instrument players prefer. Sometimes referred to in the music world as Silver Strings, this plating technique gives the music string a smooth feel, while the tensile properties of copper produce a rich sound.

Musical String Plating for a diverse range of musical instruments:

Summits pre-plating and plating control deliver meet the high standards needed for strings used in a wide range of musical instruments, including

  • Electric and Acoustic Guitar Music Strings
  • Banjo and Ukulele strings
  • Piano Strings
  • Harp Strings

Customer-focused Music String Plating

Promising advanced wire preparing and electroplating are only part of the advantages we offer. We also provide Quality Assurance at every phase, expansive inventory capabilities, priority customer response, and consistent U.S. manufacturing quality. Combining all these advantages makes Summit Plating a #1 resource for Electroplating Musical Instrument Strings.

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