Tin Electroplating

Tin Electroplating: cost-efficient and mechanically effective

Tin Electroplating at Summit as an economical, “go-to” surface finish for a wide variety of industrial part applications. Along with outstanding surface durability, Tin plating delivers excellent solderability, lasting corrosion resistance, and improved electrical conductivity.

Tin Reflow provides additional functional benefits

Summit’s excels in “Tin reflow”— a process that occurs after a part has been electroplated with tin. With Reflow, the plated part is carefully reheated above the 450°F melting point of the tin — then cooled. This process results in the creation of the inter-metallic layer, greatly improving solderability and extending part shelf life.

Reflowed Tin Plating provides important support for many “under the hood” applications in the automotive industry where high temperature and wear are predominant.

Tin Plating Reflow Advantages

  • Greatly enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Improved bond between part material and tin plating
  • Greatly enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Results in an attractive, ultra-smooth, glossy finish appropriate for utensils and the food equipment
  • Improved Plating thickness consistency
  • Retards the rate of surface corrosion over tin plating alone

Summit Tin Electroplating capabilities at a glance

Continuous Pre-Stamped Parts
Continuous Stock
Loose Parts

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