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Electroplate Metals at Summit  with precision.

Electroplate Metals offered at Summit include precious and semi-precious metals with proven advantaged for industrial applications. We have designed and perfected proprietary processes for Electroplating (and Electroless Plating) using Gold, Silver, Palladium-Nickel, Nickel, Tin, Copper, Trivalent Chrome, and more.

Plating Metal surfaces with industry-certified accuracy.

Using the highest-caliber plating metals, we deliver intricate coverage control, uniform coverage thickness, and consistent finishes texture according to exacting specifications. 

In fact, our precision plating control has qualified us to serve in many strictly monitored sectors. The precious and semi-precious metal finishes we offer can be found enhancing the performance and appearance of Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Pharmaceutical parts.  Manufacturers of Electronics, Automotive parts, Battery parts, Telecom components, and Oil/Gas equipment also look to Summit for our cost-efficiency, accuracy, and plating-material versatility.

Electroplating Metals that “perform”

Some of the world’s most respected musical instrument makers look to Summit as a key resource for music strings plated with the precious and semi-precious metals we use. Our ability to achieve unwavering quality on music string surfaces is “music to our clients ears” and a “sound tribute” to our plating performance!

Plating Materials from Summit

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