Electroplating and Electroless Plating:
Individual Loose Parts

Electro and Electroless or “auto-catalytic” plating of loose piece parts can be a difficult process to administer consistently. Over the last 75+ years, Summit’s R&D, Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing groups have worked together to unlock the secrets for mastering these plating processes.

Our Individual Parts division handles a wide variety of customer requirements that range from NADCAP Quality Assurance and Chemical Processing certified operations for Aerospace to Gold plated Electrical connectors and Silver plated contact components. Our proficiency in Barrel and Rack Plating provides high precision quality results with finish characteristics and pricing efficiencies to meet project specifications.

We consistently deliver finished products that meet stringent customer specifications for electroplated finishes in Gold, Silver, Palladium, Palladium Nickel, Nickel, Sn, and a variety of alloys.

Summit Barrel Plating.

Barrel Part Plating involves individual or “loose” pieces being gently tumbled in a barrel to ensure even plating results. (Learn More →)

Summit Rack Plating: Overall and Selective.

Rack Plating involves hand racked pieces being immersed in a plating tank in order to ensure even overall plating or selective area plating according to specs. (Learn More →)

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