Torpedo Specialty Wire Plating Capabilities—now a Summit Advantage!

Torpedo Specialty Wire acquired by Summit.

Torpedo Specialty Wire has long been considered a leading global supplier of plated wire used in Lighting, Music, Electronics, and Communications. Launched in 1960, Torpedo Wire quickly grew to be respected for unmatched abilities in fabricating high-performing music wire, composite wires, conductors, and more. Recognizing the value of these unique service skills, Summit made the decision to acquire the capabilities, processes, and assets of the respected “Torpedo Wire” brand.

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Torpedo Specialty Wire’s Key Management bring added value to Summit.

To provide continuity with Torpedo’s plating performance, and ensure consistency during the transition, key management from Torpedo assumed a support role at Summit Plating for the first several years of the transition. We are also pleased to welcome a key Torpedo principal as an on-call member of our advisory staff.

Loren Ota — President / CEO, Torpedo Specialty Wire

Torpedo Wire’s ISO 9001:2008 Certified Wire Manufacturing capabilities seamlessly transitioned to Summit.

Our acquisition of Torpedo Wire was carefully engineered to ensure proprietary service capabilities were smoothly transitioned, and product integrity 100% maintained. The result has been uncompromised service for existing Torpedo customers, and an expansion of our ability to produce and electroplate superior musical instrument wire.

Summit has expanded its industry footprint into the following industry applications:

  • Electronic leads
  • Lighting Leads
  • Terminal Leads
  • Music String Wrap Wire
  • Utility and Ground Leads
  • System Capacitors & Resistors
  • Batteries

Torpedo Specialty Wire and Summit Plating: a “Combined Commitment.”

Like Summit Plating, Torpedo Wire was founded on a Quality Commitment statement. We believe combining those statements summarizes the service value we continue to offer new and loyal clients::

“Meeting or exceed all custoner’s quality expectations and requirements through no less than 100% specification-conforming consistency.”

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