Metal Plating for the Automotive Industry

Automotive metal part plating at Summit enhances functional, safety, and durability characteristics of parts to endure proper operation in harsh outdoor environments.

Summit Automotive Part Plating: protective, functional and aesthetic advantages.

Summit’s quality plating capabilities make us a preferred supplier for automotive parts needing high cycling wear surfaces and capable of withstanding insertion forces and high heat. Our plating finishes for these purposes include Nickel and other economical metal Alloys that provide excellent corrosion protection. These finishes can be applied to parts individually, or plated while on continuous stamped stock for improved cost efficiency.

Automotive part plating provides aesthetic advantages.

Along with delivering performance and durability qualities, our plating options can deliver visual advantages for automotive parts.

Precious and semi-precious plating for specialty auto parts.

Summit electroplates with a variety of precious and semi-precious metals to provide select auto parts with unique finishes and characteristics.

Palladium, a metal light-silver in color, resists oxidation and tarnishing, and offers excellent corrosion resistance. It also possesses a unique ability to absorb hydrogen gas, making it an important component in modern catalytic converter systems.

Tin and Tin Alloy Plating provide economical, corrosion-resistant durability for automotive parts that are exposed to harsh environmental elements. Tin and Alloy finishes can also be polished to a luster close to that of chrome!

Gold Plating is another chemistry we utilize for electronic automotive parts that need excellent conductivity characteristics. Gold Plating is also used on highly visible components as a way of enhanced appearance while also delivering outstanding corrosion protection.

Summit’s experience in electroplating with these and other metals make us a partner-of-choice for automotive part manufacturers looking for an economical, or innovative way improve the quality and reliability of their plated auto products.

Typical components we can and have plated for use in the Automotive Industry include:

  • Auto chassis assembly components
  • Automotive gauges and electronics
  • Auto lighting
  • Automotive safety equipment parts
  • Automotive ignition parts
  • Auto navigation system components
  • Under-the-hood components
  • Brake system components
  • Catalytic converter parts

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