Nickel Electroplating

Nickel Electroplating: surface strength with appearance diversity

Nickel Electroplating at Summit is formulated to offer a surprising variety of finish tones. We can provide a bright and light chrome-like gleam, a medium-gray brushed stainless steel appearance, and even an almost-black industrial metallic finish.

Plating with Nickel for designed performance

Nickel plating benefits extend beyond finish appearance, delivering a variety of desired performance characteristics. Matt Nickel finishes, for example, tend to increase ductile characteristics. Brighter Nickel plating tend to decrease them.

Summit Plating has developed several proprietary formulas to achieve unique combinations of brightness and ductility to meet client part specifications. This includes competency in achieving plating consistency — even in high thickness applications on both steel and copper wire.

Nickel Electroplating for strategic protection

Summit Nickel Electroplating can also used as a barrier layer on red metal, copper, and steel. This results in characteristic enhancements that include improved solderability, improved lubricity, strengthened corrosion resistance, and a hardened surface finish that extends the life of high cycling parts.

Industrial applications that harness economical but durable Nickel Plating from Summit include Mechanical components, Aerospace parts, Electrical parts, and Music wire.

Summit Nickel Electroplating capabilities at a glance

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