“Electroplating Perfected”
Summit’s Service Advantages

Electroplating perfected through success-focused innovation.

Summit Plating (formerly Summit Corporation of America) has spent 60-plus years refining our unique abilities while to striving for “electroplating perfected.” Our company tagline, electroplating perfected, is a reminder of our continuing pursuit of platng excellence.

Our abilities in consistently finishing metal part surfaces with exacting precision are due in large part to the dedication of our employee-driven, ownership-guided plating team. We have a track record for finding innovative solutions that achieve industry-mandated quality—even with the most difficult, “never-been-done-before” plating challenges.

Plating perfection through ongoing advancement of both our processes and people.

We embrace all cutting-edge technologies and resources that allow electroplating innovation. Summit’s acquisition of the Torpedo Specialty Wire company is a shining example, providing assets and processes that further expanded our wire plating capabilities.

Our company-wide commitment to “continual improvement” considers every aspect of the service we provide, from R&D, Electroplating and Finishing through step-by-step Quality Assurance. This commitment is further reflected in our ongoing training of both our management and plating teams.

Perfecting customer service to meet your program goals.

At Summit, we believe striving for electroplating perfected must be matched by striving to deliver “customer service perfected.”  Our experienced production team brings a proactive approach that focuses on YOUR program goals and success. This includes planning and production strategy management focused on always trying to improve time- and cost-efficiency. We appreciate your business – so we work hard to earn it — and to keep it.

Perfecting customer service to meet your program goals.

Our expansive 160,000 s.f. facility is also designed with your program success in mind. Dedicated departments include expansive inventory management and storage areas, ensuring both raw materials and plated part inventory will always be readily available to meet growing program demands.

Respecting the needs of our client’s—and of our environment.

we believe that respect should extend to our environmental — locally and globally. We pioneered the engineering, building, and maintenance of a successful waste water treatment system that reclaims and recycles to reduce or eliminate environmental impact.

So in truth, our company tagline is more than just a reminder of our company focus. it really describes what our client’s realize through the can-do service and plating success we deliver… Electroplating Perfected!

multiple spools gather round wire that has beens plated with precious shiny gold.
a continual form containing intricate electronic parts details the selective plating abilities of Summit Plating.
A sign reading “QUALITY CONTROL, QUALITY PRODUCTS ON TIME” hangs outside of Summi’s QA Lab to remind all of this dedication.

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