Summit Plating Leadership

Harry M. Scoble

Harry M. Scoble


“Excellence in plating parts others said ‘couldn’t be plated…’ that’s where we excel.”

Benjamin Day

Benjamin Day

Executive Vice President

“Reliability and consistency is the focus of our company. We want our customers to know they can count on us!”

Chuck Brush

Chuck Brush

Chief Financial Officer

“Maintaining fiscal stability through strategy guided growth ensures we will be there for our plating clients today — and tomorrow.”

A History of Growth through Leadership
Focused on Electroplating Perfection

h100% From humble beginnings to one of USA’s largest privately owned Electroplating companies!

Summit Plating was started in 1948 as “Summit Corporation of America,” or “SCA.” The business began as a small “baby shoe bronzing” company located in the home basement of founder Leonard B. Foster. The innovative plating skills and entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Foster’s steadily expanded “SCA” from a home-based B2C business to an operation focused on industrial plating needs. Summit quickly earned industry respect as pioneer of “continuous plating” automation used in electronics, aerospace, automotive and more.

A change in ownership— but NOT on the company’s quest for plating and service excellence.

In 2005, SCA transferred ownership through a transaction that ensured the company’s status as a customer-focused, family owned and managed business would be maintained.

In 2018, SCA expanded further, acquiring the assets of Torpedo Specialty Wire — a world-respected fabricator of high-performance composite wire and conductors. This acquisition added the unique capability to electroplate wire material with the exacting precision needed for musical instrument strings and other performance-critical wires.

That same year, SCA launched a formal rebranding and awareness campaign that included shortening the company name to simply “Summit Plating.”

Evolution toward continual plating improvement and 100% client satisfaction

Today, the forward-focused thinking that pioneered Summit continues to thrive and evolve. The spirit that catapulted Summit’s success is still reflected in our complex plating solutions, unwavering plating quality, and uncompromising customer service.

Summit Plating — a history of Electroplating Perfected!

Launched in 1948 as Summit Corporation of America by founder Leonard B. Foster

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