Palladium Nickel Electroplating

Palladium-Nickel Electroplating: durable, functional, affordable

Palladium-Nickel is a precious alloy created by combining Palladium with Nickel. This versatile plating material retains many of the sought-after performance qualities Nickel is known for. With some minor adjustments in plating specifications, Palladium Nickel can often be used as a cost-efficient alternative to gold plating.

Summit electroplates using Palladium-Nickel to deliver many performance advantages:

  • Palladium Nickel is more affordable than gold
  • Palladium Nickel delivers excellent ductile resistance
  • Palladium-Nickel has a low density and offers excellent solderability
  • Palladium-Nickel is harder the majority most gold plating chemistries
  • Palladium-Nickel offers great heat and stress resistance
  • Palladium-Nickel offers excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • Palladium-Nickel reduces usage of precious metal resources

Palladium Nickel plating that meets tight industry specs

Electroplating with Palladium-Nickel at Summit provides both overall coverage and selective coverage to meet required specifications that include ASTM B867. Within this specification, we offer a range of chemistry ratios:

  • ASTM B867 | Type I: made of 75% Palladium 75% and 25% Nickel
  • ASTM B867 | Type II: made of 80% Palladium and 20% Nickel
  • ASTM B867 | Type III: made of 85% Palladium and 15% Nickel
  • ASTM B867 | Type IV: made of 90% Palladium and 10% Nickel

Plating thicknesses to meet application needs.

The thickness of Summit’s Palladium-Nickel plating corresponds to the specified end application. Thinner coatings are generally used for delicate electronic circuits and connectors — thicker coatings are required on parts subject to intense electrical, mechanical, and environmental activity.

Enhancing Palladium Nickel plating with secondary coatings

Underplating with Palladium Nickel
Underplating with Nickel prior to plating with a Palladium-Nickel provides a protective corrosion inhibiting barrier. This barrier helps prevent the migration porous base substrates like copper from diffusing through to the Palladium Nickel.

Overplating with Palladium Nickel
Summit can also combine Palladium Nickel with a gold flash overcoat. This dual process delivers the enhanced conductivity and friction-free characteristics of gold — all with significant cost savings compared to thicker gold plating.

A Plating metal as versatile as the industries it serves

The durable, functional, affordable characteristics of Palladium Nickel make it an excellent and economical choice for plating of electrical contacts, connectors, pins, and circuits and contact components used in Aerospace, Telecom, Medical, Oil & Gas, and Technology.


Summit Palladium-Nickel capabilities at a glance

Palladium Nickel
Continuous Pre-Stamped Parts
Continuous Stock
Loose Parts
Spec Compliance

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