Dual-Coat and Tri-Coat Electroplating on Wire

Dual-Coat and Tri-Coat Wire Electroplating protects and enhances

Dual-coat and multi-coat electroplating of wire at Summit Plating is a process that provides a protective inner barrier or barriers to enhance or maintain function. Multi-layer electroplating allows the outer plating surface metal to retain important performance characteristics that might otherwise be compromised by inter-metallic interaction between the base wire and outer plating.

Multi-Layer Electroplating for more precise performance control

Dual-Coat Electroplating can also be administered to incrementally increase electrical conductivity, retain solder-ability, improve corrosion and wear resistance, and more. Tri-Coat adds a base layer, intermediate layer, and surface layer to further enhance those performance characteristics and improve durability according to specification needs.

Wire Diameter
.005" – .300"
Base Material
Cu, BeCu, Copper Alloys, Phos Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Inconel, Kovar, Monel, Waspaloy, Hastelloy
Undercoat Chemistry
Cu, Ni
Cu Specifications
MIL-C-14550, ASTM-B-734, AMS 2418
Cu Undercoat Thickness
FLASH – .0004"
Ni Specifications
ASTM B 689, QQ-N-290
Ni Undercoat Thickness
Finish Coatings
Gold, Ag, Pd, Pd Ni, Sn, Sn/Pb, Ni, Cu
Finish Coatings Specifications
Same as regular specs per chemistry
Finish Coating Thickness
Same as regular specs per chemistry
Matte, Semi-Bright, Bright

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