Summit Corporation of America rebrands as “Summit Plating”

Summit Corporation of America rebranding was inspired by the belief that in effective design, “less is more.” When Summit Corporation of America’s decided to rebrand, it was met with mixed emotions. Certainly, we were both proud and respectful of the established name and identity that our founder, Leonard Foster, had given to this globally recognized electroplating business.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized that the growth and success of Summit throughout the years was directly due to an ability to maintain forward thinking and a one-step-ahead philosophy. With digital, print, and broadcast communications continually competing for our attention, it was clear that brevity and clarity should be our rebranding focus.

“Summit Plating”— our name didn’t change — it evolved.

We have always been casually referred to by clients and colleagues as simply “Summit”… and the word “Plating” is most commonly associated with Electroplating. The URL “” is also our updated website address, so in many ways, our company rebranding was really in keeping with our identity evolving.

A simple logo that is perceived as the letter “S,” and also many relevant, secondary images.

When we first started the logo design process, we imagined images that would show exactly what Summit does. But because we do so many different things, that objective became problematic (and contrary to our focus on simplicity.) After reviewing a number of concept studies, our Marketing Design team came up with an image that provided more descriptive versatility by inviting customers to explore its meaning.

While comments have all been positive as everyone sees the letter “S” (for Summit), further inquiries regarding the logo have included:
“is it the top of a mountain… the summit?”
“is it a before-and-after symbol for a part being gold plated?”
“Is it a bracket lowering a loose part into a plating solution?”
“Is it spooled wire being plated?”
“Is it electroplated parts within an electric circuit board?”

The answer to EACH one of these questions…“YES!”

“Electroplating to Perform”
A tagline with a purpose: to emphasize ours!

Conventional marketing wisdom suggests taglines should be 4 words or less. A tagline’s purpose should be to explain, clarify, or emphasize a company USP — a Unique Selling Proposition. A secondary purpose for a tagline is to communicate related information in a way that appeals to targeted demographics.

While some companies concentrate to plating as a coating to enhance appearance, the electroplating solutions Summit Plating offers go beyond that. We focus on achieving specified standards, then monitor and control results throughout a program to ensure plating performance specifications are consistently met. This includes attention to material composition, plating thickness, tensile characteristics, surface thickness, hardness, electrical conductivity, and more. And so we think our new tagline — Electroplating to Perform — perfectly summarizes the strengths of our Summit Plating brand!



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