Environmentally Responsible Electroplating

Quality focused to do “well”— environmentally focused to do “good.”

Summit Plating is committed to “finishing first” as Electroplaters and as conscientious stewards of our environment. We played an integral role in the dramatic improvement of the Naugatuck River region—a real success story for improving Environmental standards. We were a key contributor in the development of EPA and CT DEEP standard Total Mass Daily Loading (TMDL)—a program set forth to reduce Environmental impact. Dramatic improvements on effluent levels under CT DEEP NPDES Permit requirements have helped contribute to the success of the Naugatuck River’s turnaround. Summit is proud to be part of the improvement.

Recapturing. Recycling. Protecting.

Continuing our dedication to responsible Environmental stewardship, we designed, engineered, and deployed an on-site waste water treatment system (WWTS) that allows Summit to treat waste solution to meet CT DEEP exacting standards. Summit’s continued investment in our WWTS allows us to meet increasingly stringent Environmental standards. Created to remove metal and chemical bi-products and filter waste water to acceptable purification levels, our advanced system treats and conserves our process waste solutions for continued operational success. The system employs an intricate waste segregation system that allows us to effectively treat each chemistry we process. Summit’s WWTS includes back-up containment and back-up power provisions helping to meet and exceed federal and state regulations.

Summit’s Engineered Materials Reclaiming and Waste Water Treatment Systems

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