Industrial Electroplater “Summit Corp. of America” rebrands as “Summit Plating”

Industrial Electroplater “Summit Corp. of America” rebrands as “Summit Plating”

 Summit Corporation of America rebrands as “Summit Plating”

Summit Corporation of America was inspired to rebrand to keep pace with modern “less is more” communication standards”.  At first, repranding to simply “Summit Plating” was met with mixed emotions from management. There was a lot of pride and respect accociated with the established identity that our founder, Leonard Foster, had given to this globally recognized ecommercial electroplating company.

After carteful analysis, we concluded that the growth and success Summit plating has experienced throughout the years was is part die to our ability to maintain forward thinkin. With today’s multi-media communications constantly evolving and competing, we decided we should apply our “keep-one-step-ahead”  philosophy to our branding as well. To that end, it was determines that brevity and clarity should be oSummit’s rebranding goal.

Summit Plating. Our name didn’t change, it evolved.

We have always been casually referred to by clients and colleagues as simply “Summit.” And the word “Plating” is universally associated with the Electroplating process. Our website URL was updated a while ago to “” to help oprospects discover our company’s service value on the internet. So in many ways, our branding change was really a branding evolution.

A simple logo image that conveys the letter “S,” and also hints at other relevant plating-related images.

At the beginning of the “logo redesign” process, we envisioned a graphic solution that would communicate exactly what Summit does. However, because we offer so many different types of industrial plating, focusing on just service one became problematic. Especially considering we wanted to focus on image simplicity. After reviewing a number of concept studies, our Marketing Design team came up with an image that provided true versatility. An Icon that invited cviewers to interperet its meaning.

Initial comments regarding the new logo were overwhelmingly positive. Everyone saw the letter “S”  for Summit. Upon further examination, onlookers inquiries  included:

“is it the top of a mountain… as in the summit?”
“is it a before-and-after repesentation for a part being gold plated?”
“does it represent selective Gold and Silver plating?”
“Is it a support bracket lowering a loose part into a plating solution?”
“Is it Gold and Silver Electroplated wire?”
“Is it Electroplated Parts within an electric circuit board?”

The  answer to each one of these questions was…“YES!”

“Electroplating to Perform”
A tagline with a purpose: to emphasize ours!

Marketing “best practices” dictates a company tagline be 4 words or less. A tagline’s purpose should be to explain, clarify, or emphasize an element that sets a company apart from competition. To emphasize a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  A secondary purpose for a tagline is to communicate related information in a way that engages and appeals to relevant viewer demographics.

Many plating companies concentrate on applying coatings to enhance part appearance. The industrial electroplating solutions that Summit Plating offers go well beyond that value. Our focus is on achieving exact charasteristics that insure specified performance enhancement—and consistently delivering those characteristics throughout a plating program. We also carefully monitor plating throughout a program using advanced Quality Assurance technologies.  These include Lab testing of base material composition and characteristics, electroplating thickness measurements, tensile characteristic testing, hardness testing, electrical conductivity testing, and more. Of course, apearance quality and conformity is also controlled and monitored,

Summit Electroplating solutions are designed to first and foremost enhance performance. So we think our new tagline, “Electroplating to Perform,” perfectly summarizes the true advantages of Summit Plating’s Industrial Electroplating!