“Electroplating Perfected” — Tagline of Summit Plating

Feb 1, 2024 | Summit Update

A tagline that exemplifies precision and excellence in our results.

Since our rebranding to “Summit Plating,” our initial tagline “Electroplating to Perform” represented our commitment to delivering superior finishes and achieving precise plating tolerances. We’ve been focused on ensuring parts perform as specified, demonstrating our dedication to quality and precision.

In our journey of continuous improvement, we reassessed our tagline. Our aim is to be acknowledged for our dedication to excellence in electroplating, leading to our new tagline:

“Electroplating Perfected”— a testament to our continuous pursuit of plating excellence.

This transition to “Perfected” is the next step in our mission to deliver outstanding results in plating and customer service. Recognizing that absolute perfection in electroplating is an aspirational target, we are committed to reaching as close to this ideal as possible. This dedication is proven through our customer satisfaction, positive testimonials, and successful projects.

The introduction of this new tagline also symbolizes our journey of continual process improvement. This encompasses not just embracing innovative techniques, but also a strong commitment to improving processes and striving for efficiency gains. These efforts are crucial in maintaining our competitive edge while continuing to deliver precision surface finishes to our customers. Here are key aspects of our new tagline:

Perfected Electroplating for Industrial Applications

Our legacy of innovation in plating is now further strengthened by our commitment to efficiency. This commitment is essential in consistently meeting the stringent requirements of industrial applications, including challenging projects with complex materials and specifications.

Perfected Customer Service Paradigm

Our new tagline underscores our dedication to customer success. Achieving a perfected electroplating solution involves a comprehensive approach, encompassing trust, timely communication, quality assurance, and efficient processes.

Ongoing Improvement for Maintained Perfection

“Electroplating Perfected” reflects our mindset of never settling and continuously advancing. Our focus extends beyond adopting new technologies and methods; it includes enhancing operational efficiency, which directly contributes to improved service quality and customer satisfaction.

Management Paradigm striving for Perfection

At Summit Plating, our management’s vision is centered around continuous excellence in all our products and services.  This vision doesn’t claim perfection, but rather represents an ongoing journey towards achieving the highest standards. It cultivates a culture of striving for excellence, encouraging personal responsibility throughout our company, and fostering a commitment to success among all team members. This approach also includes investing in our team, preparing them for future challenges and opportunities, reflecting our belief in continuous growth and improvement.

“Electroplating Perfected” — Our Commitment to Excellence and Efficiency

“Electroplating Perfected” symbolizes our unwavering commitment to excellence and efficiency in the field of industrial electroplating. As industry leaders, we continually enhance our capabilities and efficiencies, ensuring superior value and service to our valued customers. This commitment is not just a promise; it’s a reflection of our ongoing efforts to improve and adapt in a dynamic industry, always aiming to serve our customers to the best of our abilities.


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