Summit Plating:
Electroplating to Perform Advantages

“Finishing first” by putting your electroplate finishing first!

For almost 60 years, Summit Plating (formerly Summit Corporation of America, or “SCA”) has provided innovative electroplating and metal surface finishing solutions. We operate as an employee-driven, ownership-guided team — ever-focused on achieving exceptional quality and consistency — even with difficult or “never been done before” challenges.

Embracing new plating technologies.

At Summit, we embrace electroplating innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Our commitment to continual improvement in R&D, Electroplating, Part Finishing, and Quality Assurance is reflected in our support of on-going training for management and staff.

Delivering plated parts on time and on budget.

We understand that our innovative electroplating abilities are only valuable if they can accommodate your part inventory needs. Summit’s experienced production team brings a proactive approach to helping plan and manage time- and cost-efficient delivery strategies. Our expansive 160,000 s.f. facility includes dedicated inventory management and storage areas that ensure both raw materials and plated parts will be readily available to meet steady or growing program demands.

Committed to expanding our abilities.

We are committed to continual “expansion and improvement” in order to serve our customers needs better. The recent acquisition of Torpedo Specialty Wire’s assets and processes have helped us further refine capabilities while promoting an inspiring environment for clients and staff alike.

Committed to the environment.

Summit Plating is also committed to the environment locally — and globally. We have pioneered the engineering, building, and successful deployment of a waste water treatment system that helps minimize any environmental impact from electroplating.

Electroplating to Perform. It’s our tagline — and our promise to every customer we serve.

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